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CEO, Swissmem

Stefan Brupbacher was born and raised in Zurich. His early years were shaped by athletics with LCZ, emphasizing the importance of teamwork and self-competition.

He trained as a lawyer and furthered his studies in International Economics and Relations in Bologna and Washington DC. These experiences reinforced his belief in the benefits of free trade for global prosperity. Stefan has held various roles at the intersection of politics, economics, and law, contributing to a successful and strong Switzerland. He values the agility of businesses, associations, and the state, and has met many dedicated individuals along the way. Since 2019, he has been with Swissmem, the tech industry association, representing 100 employees and 1350 member companies. These companies are global leaders in their niches, exporting around 80% of their products and developing innovative solutions for societal challenges like climate change and energy production.

Stefan recognizes the importance of vocational training, as most employees in these firms learned their trade through apprenticeships. Continuous education and experience make them central pillars of society. Inspired by his former boss, Federal Councillor Schneider-Ammann, Stefan believes in giving his all to maintain Switzerland's high living standards and unique political system. He encourages tackling challenges like climate change and securing social systems with full dedication.

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