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  1. Hotels in the City Center: Look for hotels located in the city center of Zurich, as Trust Square Paradeplatz is right in the heart of the city. Staying in the city center will offer you easy access to the event venue and other attractions.

  2. Check Online Booking Platforms: Utilize popular hotel booking websites like, Expedia,, or TripAdvisor to search for hotels near Trust Square Paradeplatz. These platforms allow you to filter your search based on your budget, preferred amenities, and guest ratings.

  3. Consider Proximity: Look for accommodations within walking distance or a short tram/bus ride from Trust Square Paradeplatz. This way, you can easily reach the event venue without relying heavily on transportation.

  4. Read Reviews: Pay attention to guest reviews and ratings to get an idea of the hotel's quality, cleanliness, and overall guest experience. Choose hotels with positive reviews to ensure a pleasant stay.

  5. Book in Advance: Zurich is a popular tourist and business destination, so it's advisable to book your accommodation well in advance, especially during peak seasons or major events like the Vietnam Day event.

  6. Contact Hotels Directly: If you have specific questions or special requests, don't hesitate to contact the hotels directly via email or phone. They can provide you with additional details and assist with any queries you may have.

  7. Consider Nearby Areas: If you cannot find suitable accommodation right around Trust Square Paradeplatz, consider looking in nearby areas that are still within walking distance or a short commute away.

  8. Check for Special Deals: Some hotels may offer special deals, discounts, or packages, especially if you book directly through their website. Keep an eye out for any promotions that could help you save on your stay.

  9. Hostels and Guesthouses: If you are on a budget, consider staying in hostels or guesthouses near Trust Square Paradeplatz. These options can offer affordable and comfortable accommodations.

  10. Plan for Transportation: If your chosen accommodation is not within walking distance, plan for transportation options like trams or buses to get to Trust Square Paradeplatz for the event.


y considering these suggestions, you should be able to find suitable accommodations near Trust Square Paradeplatz for the Vietnam Day event. Remember to book early and secure your stay in advance to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience during your time in Zurich.

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